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Specialised Areas

Sales and Lettings

This covers the range of agency services most clients will be familiar with, principally involving the sale of freehold or leasehold premises, either with Vacant Possession (i.e. without tenants), or tenanted Investments generating a rental income.

In addition to selling, we also work for Landlords and Tenants in negotiating and agreeing appropriate rents and Lease terms, across all classes of property.


This branch of agency involves the process of negotiating on behalf of either a purchaser or prospective tenant to procure, for them, a legal interest in a property.

This usually involves the initial property finding role, where we will make approaches to property owners/occupiers on behalf of retaining clients, to establish whether they might agree to dispose of their legal interest in the property. Thereafter, we value the property and then advise as to the appropriate terms for the transaction between the parties.

The advantage of using an acquiring agent is that they know the market and can often find properties which are not known to the acquiring party, as well as negotiating far better terms than the acquiring party might have done acting for itself.

Landlord and Tenant

This is a broad term used to describe the discipline of advising either the Landlord or the Tenant (or more rarely occasionally, both) in respect of their rights and obligations pertaining to an existing or proposed lease.

This commonly includes the negotiation of rent reviews and lease renewals and, if negotiations fail, the process of making representations to a ‘third party’, usually a professional surveyor appointed either as an Expert or as an Arbitrator, who will decide the outcome of the dispute.


This is a highly specialised discipline; one which lies at the heart of our professional property service. For any valuation to be relied upon as a professional valuation, it must be produced by a qualified Chartered Valuation Surveyor.

We are one of the few local firms known to give this level of expert advice and are best resourced to tackle more extensive and complicated valuations including portfolio valuations and valuations for accounting purposes. We are also accredited by the major high street lending Banks to provide valuations for secured lending purposes.

Property Management

Increasingly, Landlords wishing to escape the pressures that go with managing their own property investments are turning to a professional property manager to assist. We are Guernsey’s largest independent private sector property managers, serving over 90 landlords and liasing with more than 400 tenants, on a regular basis.

We can tailor our service to suit the client but our principal functions are to collect rent, set and administer service charge budgets, arrange repairs, maintenance and cleaning services as well as deal with any disputes and other routine or unforeseen daily issues.

Asset management

In many respects this is an extended form of property management, in that it includes the additional skills associated with valuation and property strategy.

It is a complex field, best explained face to face with the client, but in general the asset manager’s role is to look for opportunities to add value to the client’s property holdings. This is often achieved by restructuring leases or looking for development opportunities.

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