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Living in Guernsey

Guernsey is located 80 miles south of Weymouth and 30 miles west of the Normandy coast. The Island is about 24 square miles and home to approximately 62,000 people. The scenery is beautiful and the Island has much to offer in the way of boating, sports, culture and a wide variety of hobbies and pastimes.

The native language is English, but Guernsey has its own language (patois) which is a mixture of English and French, it has its own currency denominated in pounds sterling (the pound note is still in circulation and at parity with the UK pound) and its own flag!

Guernsey is a low crime area which is jealously guarded by its citizens and the police force who, along with other agencies, keep crime at these low levels.

Included in the Bailiwick are the islands of Herm, Jethou, Brecqhou, Sark and Little Sark, all within 9 miles of each other, and the northern isle of Alderney, which is 23 miles north of Guernsey. They all combine to make a truly unique environment with an English speaking and welcoming community.

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