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Which Market

Local Market

Most of the Island’s housing stock is recorded on the Local Market register, meaning it is reserved for occupation either by locally‑born residents, or those qualified by virtue of other criteria, such as by marriage or immediate family ties.

The Guernsey government can also grant a licence to a skilled migrant, known as an Essential Worker Licence conferring a temporary ‘local’ status on the holder and its dependants.

Open Market

The market currently comprises approximately 1,780 dwellings, ranging from larger apartments, through to detached houses, hotels and guesthouses.

Living within an Open Market dwelling enables the occupant to work in Guernsey without limitations being placed on the period of their residency.

Prices within the Open Market tend to be higher than those for similar Local Market equivalents, due to the limited supply of properties available at any one time.

More information on the classification of dwellings in Guernsey is available from the States of Guernsey Housing Department, by telephoning 01481 717000 or visit The States of Guernsey Housing website.

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